Alex Candela Tattoos

I am a tattooist from the U.K, if you want to get in touch for some work you can get me on or

All coved up, Everything healed apart from the moon witch is bloody and background
Quick one on the underarm this morning
Got to do more on this today
One from the #northamptontattooconvention today
Skull flash sheet for Sunday and look who is on it!! #heisenberg
Had an amazing time this weekend just gone at the Northampton tattoo convention, along side my good friend @delberto1 and @dandwight_artist, help by the lady @pudding_baby. Met some  Some new faces and friends. Thanks to all who stopped by, cuz next year
Got this yesterday from @mike13tattoo and it runs like a dream!! If you want a good solid machine I highly recommend this dude!! @mike13tattoo @mike13tattoo
Last one at the #northamptontattooconvention on @chainsawdarling thank you, hope you got home safe
One from today on the very talented @deathhouse, thank you man was good to finally meet #northamptontattooconvention