Alex Candela Tattoos

I am a tattooist from the U.K, if you want to get in touch for some work you can get me on or

Got to add some colour on this, this morning!
1 of 2 Roses on the shoulders didn’t get the other one finished
Wrap around on the shin! Thanks Shaun for letting me do this
I do love it when you have client that says “Do what ever you want” can not wait for this tomorrow
Nice night and nice to final meet @cupofrosalie and the team from things and ink #mimiatureink
Freeeeeeeeee!!!!! sailor jerry’s to
My painting has already sold!!!! Next to some amazing artists, @thingsandink have put on an amazing show at @atomicagallery, if you get the chance pop down and see it, it’s on till 15th October all donations go to a really good case
I get to do a whip shade portrait of my hero tomorrow, can not wait!!!!
Healed tattoo i did, I think about 9 months ago #traditionaltattoos #healedtattoos
Close up!! #mikeirons